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Why Use Proper Case?

September 15, 2014

Today’s world of text messaging, Face Book posts, Twitter tweets, and smart phones applications have many people using only lower case letters in their communications. This blog entry is to point out a problem that may convince you to use appropriate upper case when you fill in an order form.

Consider the example:  “apt l06”.

Is this Apartment “106” as in one hundred and six, or is it “L06” and in “ell zero six”?

Depending on the font used to translate your entry, the number one is hard to distinguish from the lower case letter “L”.

So, if you live in apartment number one hundred and six , and if you write your address as Apt 106, I can assume since you capitalize the letter “A” in “Apt”, that the “1” in “106” is, in fact, the number one.

But if you lived in apartment number “L06” and you wrote: “apt l06”, what assumption can I make from the “l” in “l06”? Don’t say I should just cut and past the characters into the address line, for that just pushes the problem to the person delivering the package.  If you wrote:  “Apt L06”, I would have no question nor have to make any assumptions.

What prompted me to write about this case issue? I got an order to send something to a military base and they had an address line of “mfc llc”.  Initially I thought it was some military acronym and wrote the address as “MFC  11C”. But my co-worker pointed out that the “11c” was actually the LLC and the ‘mfc’ was the company name.

A day later, I was setting up an application on my smart phone to allow me to deposit checks into my bank account using the phone’s camera.  The instructions said that my user ID was the characters: “l006 followed by the characters I entered for my ID.  I had a number of failed attempts to log in until I realized that maybe the first character may be the letter ‘L’, not the number “one”. When I tried the ID with the letter “L” it worked. To even hone in the point, the first letter had to be the upper case “L”.  G0 f1gure!


Estimated Shipping

March 15, 2013

Please be advised that our shopping cart estimates some products. These are mostly large items that require either freight delivery or can not be sized correctly shipping via UPS.  We try to set estimates to be close to what actual shipping costs are, but there are times where we just have to guess.

When we get the order with estimated shipping on it, we determine the exact shipping charges and if it is under the estimate, we will ship it and adjust shipping charges to match the actual cost. We will refund the difference between what the shopping cart authorized and the actual cost.

If the actual shipping charges are more than the estimate, we contact you (via email and/or phone) to get your approval before we ship. If you paid with a credit card, we also have to get your credit card information, for our staff does not have access to your credit card information. We do this for security reasons.

The problem occurs when we can’t reach you or you provided invalid contact information.  In this case we are stuck between a rock and shipping truck.  If the order appears to be time sensitive, we feel badly that we have to hold up the order to  resolve the additional shipping costs.  You can help by providing correct contact information, making sure you listen to our voice messages and make sure our emails do not end up in your spam trap.

We continually work to improve our shopping cart in order to avoid this dilemma,  but until we resolve it, be advised your order may be delayed.

Can I use PVC Pipe for Air Lines?

March 24, 2011

Can I Use PVC Pipe for Air Lines?


PVC pipe should never be used for pressurized air lines.


You might know someone who has PVC air lines in their garage or workshop but it is an accident waiting to happen.  Bump it with a tool or object and it can shatter we tremendous force sending shards of sharp plastic through the room.  The results can be serious injury or even death.

I’m all for saving a buck or two but this isn’t the place to cut corners.  Always use steel pipe for your air lines.

These people agree:

“A section of PVC pipe being used for compressed air exploded … fragment of the pipe flew 60 feet and embedded itself in a roll of paper.” – osha. gov

Shipping Flex Drain Pipe

March 24, 2011

The basic answer is: “Don’t do it”. Our flex pipe comes in 100 and 250 foot rolls.  The size of the roll can easily be six feet in diameter. That means it cannot ship via UPS or US mail.  The only way to ship it is freight, and the cost starts around $100 and goes up from there.

We often get asked to quote shipping of this pipe and it frequently is double or triple the cost of the material.  If you think cutting it into 8-foot pieces would save money, it doesn’t. UPS can handle an 8-foot piece of 4″ pipe, but it may also run $80 and up to ship.

The bottom line is, don’t ask for it to be shipped. If you can’t pick it up, look more locally.  We do not like to charge our customers outrageous shipping costs.

Shipping Culvert Pipe

March 18, 2011

Culvert pipe is outrageously expensive to ship.   The twenty-foot length creates a problem for almost all of the LTL (Less than a Truck Load) trucking companies.  Many trucking companies do not want to bid on hauling it.  We therefore encourage you to look locally for a supplier of culvert pipe.

If you really want us to ship it, expect to pay hundreds of dollars for shipping alone. If you want it delivered in the Ohio or surrounding states, call us.  We may have an option to have it shipped to you from our supplier at a more reasonable cost.

Hello world!

March 4, 2011

We have expanded our horizons and entered the world of blogging and social networking.  The store, started in 1954,  has gone through many changes.  We have been selling on the Internet for over 10 years.  Now, we at Keith Specialty store want to share our experiences, knowledge and expertise.

We know about heating, cooling , plumbing and other things to keep your home  comfortable without emptying your pockets, your wallet, or maxing out your credit cards.  However, we do admit we are new to blogging, and the social media  world.   If you have suggestions or helpful tips, pass them on. Maybe, in return,  we can help improve your life as well.

Thanks and let us know how we can help you better!

Keith Specialty Team