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Quality service over money: That’s the Keith Specialty Store difference

March 9, 2018

This past Saturday, I came into work shortly before closing time.  Jim, one of our guys, said “Business was pretty good today, but I talked one guy out of buying a pump and another guy from buying a furnace motor.”

This would be about $500 in sales.

Maybe in some businesses Jim would be in trouble for turning away sales. That’s not the way we do business.  The thing is, he talked to them, found out the pump and motor wasn’t the real problem, sold them what they needed and saved them a bunch of money.

Our staff does not work on commission.  There’s no incentive for our employees to oversell.  Quality service is selling the customer the products that are the best solution to their problem, not the most expensive solution.

And that’s why we have multi-generational customers.  It’s part of our small hometown-attitude philosophy.   The same philosophy that has been built upon since M.H. Keith started the business in 1954 selling parts from a burlap sack on the floor.


Oil Burner Electrodes

September 20, 2013

Here is an answer to an often asked question.  Oil Burner Electrodes can vary from furnace to furnace and are not always obvious with the furnace burner and serial number as burners are sometimes exchanged by service professionals from the original.   Therefore the electrodes might have been changed and need to be matched with that burner.     Sometimes burners change within model numbers too.    We have found the best way to find which oil burner electrodes you need to purchase is to match the electrodes by shape and size. We do not have a simple way to identify them from your oil burner model number.

Other than shape, there are three measurements you need ;  The diameter of the porcelain, the length of the porcelain, and the distance from the end of the porcelain to the end of the tip (measure straight – not along the bends). See diagram on picture attached/below:
Inline image 2
We carry a wide number of popular electrodes but we do not carry all of them. We can special order some that we do not stock.  We have listed our supplier’s catalog pages on our website that you can use to match up against yours.  Look at the two pages : and If your browser shows these pages too small, often if you click on  it, your browser will enlarge the picture. You can also hold down the CTRL key and press the + sign to zoom in (holding the CTRL key and pressing the – sign zooms out.)
If you find a electrode on either of these pages that match yours, send us the ‘Cat. No.’ and we will get you a price and availability. Ignore the prices on these pages, they are not accurate.
If you cannot find a electrodes that match yours on our website page or on one of the two supplier’s catalog pages, then we most likely cannot get it.
Hope this helps,
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