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Microns and Water filters

March 7, 2011

What does the micron rating mean on a water filter cartridge?

A micron is one millionth of a meter or about 0.0000393 inches. The average

5 micro filter

Item number 33-036

thickness of a human hair is 100 microns. A filter cartridge with a 5 micron rating will remove all particles 5 microns or larger from the water. Five microns would be 0.0001965 inches in diameter. A 20 micron filter will filter particles of 0.0007864 inches or larger while allowing smaller particles to pass. For particles of rust, sand or dirt that are easy to see, a 10 or 20 micron filter would be appropriate. For very fine particles, choose the 5 micron filter. Use of a small micron filter when large particles are present will shorten the life of the cartridge.

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